What is Keeping You From Your Happy Place?

My apologies for interrupting our posts on the mudras however, this is important.

Today my anxiety and depression would not be quiet.  Starting with work, phone call after phone call, yelling, complaining, the blaming!  23 new emails?! I have not finished filtering what came through over the weekend.  My anxiety screaming how terrible I am and how I cannot complete my workload.  It was never-ending and needless to say I left work late.  Already anxious and not feeling good enough, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I got in the shower.  Gross.  When did I start looking like this was all I kept thinking.  Putting myself down, stressing about the day, I am still sore from the weekend, I just want to crawl in bed and wait for tomorrow to come.

As I slowly emerged from the shower, awful thoughts still filled my head, I realized my bed was not what I needed.  As much as I did NOT want to, I padded towards my yoga room and got down on my mat.  Starting with a slow gentle flow, I just could not get my mind to shut up.  I felt terrible about making myself feel terrible.  Moving into lotus, remembering the Mudra for the Fourth Chakra and its bija, I began my meditation.  My mind would not let go easily but, my Self is louder.

Thirty five minutes later, Coco had made her way to my lap, I open my eyes in sheer bliss.  Calm.  I gently stroke Coco, who lightly gives me a kiss, I, in this moment, feel great.  Happy.  Content.  LUCKY.

Today I needed meditation.  It is the worst days that we need this the most.  Our bodies and our minds will fight but, they will thank you.  I cannot stress to you all how amazing I feel.  You all deserve to feel that way in this present moment.

What is keeping you from your happy place?

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