Your Yoga Practice Does Not Have to Be Hard

Whether you are a yoga teacher or student, practicing in a group at a studio or privately, your yoga practice does not have to be hard.  This seems to be quite the misconception across the board but, why?  Do we feel like we are not giving our students enough or that as students we are not getting enough?  Are we not trying to find presence, achieve peace, and alignment, etc.

I was told once by a friend that she would never go back to another yoga class because she “can’t do it and hurt myself”.  This made me so sad.  Knowing how much yoga can do someone and that they do not plan to practice again due to injury from the practice is heartbreaking.

Yoga is not a race.  There is no winner at the end of a group practice.  Your practice is not about anyone but you.  If you find yourself competing that is your ego and you need to let that go.  Modifications are there for a reason.  So is this:

Your practice is your practice.  Group setting or not, it is yours to practice how you feel in that moment.  If you show up and want to stay in child’s pose the whole time, do it!  That is yoga and that is you.

Such as everything else in life, it only as hard as we make.  Enjoy your practice, flow freely without ego.  Find your peace.

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2 thoughts on “Your Yoga Practice Does Not Have to Be Hard

  1. Well written. This is something I emphasize in my classes every time I teach (I work for a university gym, so it is a very competitive environment). However, I think it is also important as practitioners that we continue to explore and get outside our comfort zone. It can be easy to slip into a corner and stay there, when we should be trying to grow and reach. But you’re right that it should never be about ego. Such a hard balance to find!

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