Try Different Yoga Classes!

We have touched on Choosing the Right Yoga Class for You and there are many different styles out there but, there are also, many different teachers.  Yoga is a practice, it is continual.  Each day in your life is different, why not switch your practice up one day?

With all the different styles, studios and teachers out there, there is always something more to learn.  Even as a teacher, I continue to learn not just through YTT but, through classes with different teachers, at different studios.

A style such as, restorative yoga, you may have taken before and not cared for it.  With that, perhaps you just finished traveling, running a 5k, and got your butt kicked going back to work and restorative yoga is just what you need to practice in this moment.  Do not limit yourself, try new studios, new teachers and new styles.  You may be surprised what you find.

Have a style you just tried that you find blissful?  Share below!  Any thoughts on different styles are welcome.

Namaste 🙂

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