Yoga For All That Is Strength

Many times we have touched on yoga being beyond the physical.  There is a practice for everyone, no matter where you are in life or in your practice.  With that, with yoga being so many things, and so versatile, let’s discuss all that is strength within yoga and its practice.

The most obvious, physical.  Whether you are in plank or crow, yoga will improve your physical strength.  Poses that may be very difficult in the beginning will soon be just another part of your daily flow.  You will see this strength, and you will feel this strength.  Yoga has the ability to transform your physical body and make it stronger.

Bringing us to the mental.  Yoga calls for a lot of mental strength.  Being present within your practice is not easy.  What is even less easy is being present and controlled in a difficult pose while emotions are pouring through.  It is all mental however, without a strong mind, it is extremely difficult.  This is why meditation incorporated in your practice is so important and feels so amazing.

The mental and physical strength you gain from a yoga practice transfers out into our daily lives.  Faced with a difficult situation and you may find yourself focusing on your breathing, channeling positivity and letting the feelings go.  This is yoga in life.  This, all this, is the strength that is yoga.

So with this, tell me, how do you find yourself using your yoga strength in life?  Did you ever think that starting a yoga practice could do just so much?  I never fathomed, and I could not be more appreciative.


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