What is Yoga?

Disclaimer, I am not actually defining yoga, nor am I any sort of expert.  The following is simply a list I wrote after my yoga and meditation practice today.  I am sharing for anyone interested in yoga or searching for something more…

Sitting in half lotus, Coco by my side, the last rings of my singing bowl softly in my ear, I am struck to write in this moment, what yoga is.  Magic, calming, mind clearing, happiness, high, expressive, community, spirituality, positive, learning.

Now, since the moment has passed, I can come up so many more words to describe what yoga is to me yet, that is not the point.  If you are looking for something more in life, or have thought about starting a yoga practice, go through those words above.  Those are simply the feelings after just one practice.  My present moment feelings after just 30 minutes of practicing yoga, followed by meditation.

When people ask me how yoga can truly have had such an impact on my life, it is moments like that.  That is how.

I encourage you to write down some thoughts, feelings, words, after your practice or meditation.  Feel free to share them below and truly take the time to read over them after that moment has passed.

Namaste 🙂

Another great post for those of you inspired to start a yoga practice, Can I “Do” Yoga?

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