Just a Yogi’s Thoughts on Hate

Hate is an emotion, a feeling, we all feel at some point in our lives.  Hate is a useless emotion, offering no positivity, no benefit to the beholder.  So, while we all may experience hate within us at some point, the difference would be what we do with it.

If hate offers no benefit, no positivity to those it is inside of then, why do some people hold onto it so tightly?  There is no one answer, and I will not be providing you with one.  What I will provide you with is, even when you are faced with hatred, whether directed at you or someone you love, do not reciprocate with hatred.  This is what keeps this cycle going.  You cannot break hate with more hate, it simply fuels this negativity for more.  I am not saying hug someone tearing you apart but, smile and walk away.  Tell them thank you for your thoughts.  You may not have wanted them but who cares!   This sweet positive reaction is not what they wanted and certainly will not justify their thoughts and actions.  What if we can all have an effect on this pandemic by something so small?

I thank and am appreciative of all of you who read what I write.  With that, if each one of you makes this subtle change, and encourages the next one, what effect could we have.  As individuals, we are one but, together we are many and we are world-wide.

Hate needs to stop being so prevalent in the every day.  And that is just my brief thought in this present moment on hate.

Spread some peace and love today 🙂

19 thoughts on “Just a Yogi’s Thoughts on Hate

    1. Yes, thank you for sharing this. I wasn’t sure how in depth to go from a scientific aspect. It has extremely negative effects on your body due to this.

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      1. It is honestly extremely interesting. Some people are more susceptible to feeling other people’s energy, I am super sensitive to it. As you read more on it you notice it more. Also, that saying about negative vibes attracting more negativity, will make a lot more sense.

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      2. Hi Viola,

        shortly, every emotion has its own frequency.
        In general human healthy frequency is within the range of 62-72 Hz and when it drops to lower levels it enables the appearance of variety of diseases.Every frequency below 200 Hz is bad for you, for your body. Frequencies in range 200-1000 Hz are good for your organism. So, our emotions have their own frequencies.The worst emotion for humans is humiliation. It has the lowest frequency which is about 20 Hz. Hate is also emotion with very law frequency , about 50 Hz, which is very law. So, hate. How this frequency can help us in any way !?

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      3. Me too Viola. That is the main reason why I have my own blog. I know that I don’t know nothing, but that is a knowledge too,right.

        A portable meter has been developed for measuring low frequency. The present version of the meter was specifically designed to measure 50/60 Hz . I believe that in the near future will be designed a better meter, and that science will devote more attention to human frequency

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      4. Of course. We must control our emotions, because they can heal us, or they can destroy us. Meditation, of course, positive thinking, positive habits. You know, positive thinking is also habit.Happy is one great habit.

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      5. Yep.
        I’ve learnt a lot about this recently.
        Taking responsibility for changing our responses to people rather than hoping we can change others; because that never works…
        It is working steadily for me… I’m writing and cooking more than I used to and I’m moaning far far less.
        Proactive rather than reactive ⭐️

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