Just Breathe – In Yoga and Life

Breath is extremely important within our yoga practice and within our lives.  After all, it is our life source, our prana.  We discussed Prana, Pranayama and Your Practice before but, today is truly about breath in life and in our yoga practice.

Quite often when I am teaching, I remind my students to breath.  Especially in difficult poses, I see people holding onto their breath.  This actually makes holding the pose more difficult and the student more likely to fall out.  This can equate to our every day lives.  When faced with a difficult situation in life such as, test results or a review from a boss, we may find ourselves holding our breath.  Letting go of our breath and finally beginning to breathe again has become a sign of relief.

Much like in our yoga practice, holding our breath in life does not make it easier.  It is putting more stress, not causing ease.  This goes for breathing rapidly or out of the norm in stressful situations as well.  This rapidity of breath is causing more stress and strain.

Next time, no matter the situation, practice or pose, pay attention to your breath.  Could you slow it down?  Could you take longer inhales and longer exhales?  How do you feel once you change your breath.  I have found my body will instantly begin to relax.

Feeling extra stressed?  Try a breath work in your meditation!  No matter what, remember, just breathe, this too shall pass.

Namaste 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Just Breathe – In Yoga and Life

  1. Yes, breath is important in every aspect.
    I have to say that since I started to breathe deeply before couple years, my life changed. I need only couple hours of sleep, I have a lot more energy!

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