Who Am I To Judge?

This can title can be applied to so many different scenarios in our daily lives with each scenario being different yet, something is always similar.

After finishing Yoga Teacher Training I continued to meet with a Yoga University group about once a month to continue our studies.  Hi, forever student over here!  Quite often we have put together sequences, with actions, cues and such included to go over and toss around with each other.  It is to teach us to teach intelligently without overdoing it.

When we met a couple of weeks ago I had this moment in my car ride over, “Who am I to judge?”.  We have all studied and learned together, and they are all so amazing, and, and, my brain would not shut up.

As the class went on, I came to this, where is my opinion (gross, if you will) coming from?  How many times do we receive or see others receive opinions they had never asked for, coming from a negative place?  In our group, though, I was not wanting to “judge” others, I thirsted for what they had to say about mine.  I want to be the best I can be for my students.  Do my fellow teachers not deserve the same?  We are not “judging” because ours is better, or our ego is feeling threatened, we are trying to learn ourselves and aid each other in becoming better.

So, while we all have these moments, why not think before you say it, where is it coming from.  Do they want it?  If someone does not want your opinion then, you might as well save your breath anyways because, they are not going to listen.

In this mad world, why not lift each other, help each other, learn from each other.

Namaste 🙂

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