Peace, Presence and Gratitude

The cool breeze mildly blowing my hair about, the waves lapping onto shore as the anchored boats bob, I watch the sky ignited with reds, pinks, oranges as the sun gently sinks. The color explosion which continues to mark the end of another day still never ceases to draw a crowd. As I sit on the park bench I am content. Nature is so amazing, so beautiful and no matter what has happened that day, it continues.

I am present, here, in this moment of gratitude. I have practiced in this park, I have watched this miracle, I have felt the wind on my skin.

Now, do not get me wrong, do not believe the misconception, I was not having a good day. When I arrived I was not feeling the most positive and my anxiety was through the roof. But that is why I came out to this place, instead of the comfort we all find locking myself away in my room.

Coming to nature, finding peace, presence and gratitude. Feel, listen, watch. Close your eyes and meditate in this moment. Generally it is in nature we can find this peace because it is where our root chakra finds home and grounds down.

Try it! ☺️

Namaste and positive vibes 💜

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