Yogi is Grounded

It is so funny when you compare what being grounded may have meant to you as kid to now.  Now, who does not want to be grounded?

This morning was cloudy and grey.  This place was not initially planned and I was feeling unsure.  There were low flying clouds across the sky.  Walking through the tall fluffy grass, to an open, flat spot, where the grass was just an added cushion.  I unrolled my mat, lit incense to stick in the ground surrounding, the breeze gently surrounding.  Birds singing their morning song, landing softly all around then, just as delicately taking back off into the sky.  As people began to show up, I was no longer unsure.  As everyone began to unroll their mats around me, a smile slowly came to my face.

We had a calm, blissful flow.  Surrounded by nature and all its wonders.  Sounds, feelings.  The fluffy grass below our mats, bird songs in our ears, the breeze kissing our skin.  To say we were grounded just does not to it justice.  This was an amazing way to start a Saturday morning.

Initially, I had let all who wanted to practice know, I would be teaching an open class to all who wanted to attend at a specific park.  Upon arriving early to set up, I discovered the park has been closed.  I simply could not cancel on these yogis, especially so last-minute.  With that, another nearby park was chosen and I did my best to spread the word.  I had never practiced yoga here, nor taught a class here.  I could not be more glad that these circumstances came about or we would have missed such a memorable experience in nature.

Life can throw so many things our way.  Taking them, acknowledging them, and “going with the flow” can sometimes bring along the (best) unexpected.  Be present, let things go.  Enjoy life.


Namaste 🙂

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