One Size Does Not Fit All – Yoga Included

Ever got something that was “one size fits all” and just unbelievably amazed at how perfectly it fit you?  Anyone? Bueller..?  Bueller…?  Probably not.  Why should yoga be any different?

Let me break it down for you.  Yoga poses have variations.  These variations are so anyone can practice these poses to their ability, without injury.  Just because you “always” see a pose practiced this way or your instructor “always” shows/instructs this way, does not mean it is the only way.  In fact, I hope all teachers are encouraging variations to students having a tough time.

Some variations involve props.  These props can be blankets, blocks, a chair, bolsters, or straps and they are extremely helpful.  I had someone tell me they “sucked” because I put a block under them and IT HELPED.  No, using a prop or taking a variation does not in any way mean you suck or are doing something wrong.  it means you are letting go of your ego to ensure your body is getting the most out of the yoga.

I use props.  I love props.  I use variations.  I love variations.  I encourage you all to try different variations of some poses.  Even if you do not necessarily need the variation, still take it, try it, and take the time to reflect the difference you feel.

What is your favorite variation?  Do you have any poses you would like to see variations for?  Have you tried a variation?

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10 thoughts on “One Size Does Not Fit All – Yoga Included

    1. Oh, yes. It may be that your back is not strong enough just yet as well. Are you referring to lifting your arms and legs off at the same time or when you reach back for your feet, kicking into your hands for the lift?

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      1. Ah yes! Perhaps I will post a tutorial for that one. In the meantime, ensure you are warming up your spine for a back bend. Also, have you tried one foot/hand at a time before moving to all?


    1. Practice and patience! But also, try lying on your tummy, palms flat under your pelvis, legs long together, try lifting just them for a few breaths. Then baby cobra but, try lifting the hands slightly off the floor to ensure you are using your back muscles. ☺️


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