Dance Yogi!

I just had an amazing practice and I cannot contain myself, I must share.  The Importance of a Home Yoga Practice and This Is Yoga, It Is NOT That Serious. are prime examples of my practice today.  I was in a strange mood, everything today has been different.  But, every day, every moment is different, no?  So, I embraced it.  My music choice was different, and I was digging it.

I began a “typical” practice if you will and then, I just let go.  Half way into my practice I find myself singing and dancing as I move.  My movements were fluid yet, funky, my breaths were deep as I held a note.  My hair was crazy and savage.  Moments were strong, intense, fueled with passion.  The next moments were light, happy, expressive.

This. is. yoga.  I cannot say enough that this is your practice.  No one can tell you how, what it should be or look like.  When I finished I felt amazing and inspired.  Before I began writing this, I wrote in my journal, I wrote my flow for the next class I am teaching.

For today this is my challenge to you, do not go for the typical flow.  Get on your mat, listen to how you feel, express yourself, do what feels good for you in that moment.  Let me know how you feel after.

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6 thoughts on “Dance Yogi!

  1. Yes I often find that in my home practice too. Sometimes you go a little wild and let it all out. Dance like no ones watching! I think yoga is a discipline, but there’s also a place for letting go of the rules. Thanks for sharing this lovely moment. It’s such an inspiration to hear about it.

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    1. That’s for sharing, I am glad I am not the only one! I agree with you about the discipline. After all, without the discipline would we show up for our practice? As always, thank you for stopping by, I love your thoughts ❤️

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