Learn Yogi, Experience Everything

Forever a student, I will always be.  Not just in yoga but, in life.  I am well read, well-traveled, and I still thirst for more.  There is so much to learn, see and do.  Part of the reason that there are such close-minded values in this world is due to the closed world so many live in.  If we do not care to learn about others, experience what others experience than of course we will never understand.

I am pretty excited to be going to Thailand and South Korea next month.  That’s actually an understatement, I am effing stoked!!!!  They are such a powerful cultures that I have yet to experience first hand.  Clearly I am excited for normal travel things such as, relaxing, snorkeling, sightseeing BUT, the people, the villages, the religion, the palaces, the Buddha statues throughout.  These people, I feel, could teach me so much.  Side note, there is a FLOATING villiage, with an incredible back story, I cannot wait to see and hopefully support their local merchants.

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I cannot wait to wake up and practice in such an amazing place.  Meditate in that moment.  Experience all that there is to experience. Learn.  I will, as if you have to ask, be sharing as much as I can, while still leaving time for me to experience and be present.

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Do you try to experience the world from other views?  Learn what else is out there?  What was the biggest lesson you have learned from another culture?  I remember a few years ago, my boyfriend was saddened as we passed by a school in Costa Rica.  He could not believe what their schools were like compared to other places we have been or lived.  We discussed how many are just lucky to be able to attend school instead of going straight to work to assist their families.  My father actually had to drop out of school and work in the family business so the family could afford his sister to go.  We are so lucky.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

More to come! Namaste 🙂

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