Yoga Has No Room For Negativity

As I write this, I have no title because I am struggling on where to even begin.  The world is hard, so much happens that we cannot control.  Often times, on top of everything else, we create difficult situations as well.  Adding to the pain, angst, stress, despair, the list goes on.

Lately, the yoga community seems to be hit with a lot of drama.  I do not like drama in the least and I do not feel it is yoga if you will.  While I have said many times, yoga is so many things, I truly do not believe it can be described through any negative words.  Drama is very negative.

What rocks me the most is reading the hurtful things from yogis, to other yogis.  We should be coming together.  The world is not kind.  Are we not trying to find peace?  When we practice yoga is it not peace we are searching for?

While it can be so hard when someone is cruel or unkind to not return with more negativity the urge must be fought.  For everything that is happening, hunger, bullying, shootings, cancer, earthquakes, the list goes on and negative energy feeds off negative energy.  Imagine the vibration you could give by simply smiling back.  Just keep going.  Stop and spread love to someone, anyone and see if that does not immediately change the energy you feel.

After all these years, I refuse to give into the hate.  I will continue to remove myself, including from people.

Let’s just spread some good already.

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18 thoughts on “Yoga Has No Room For Negativity

    1. To be honest, I don’t want to go to much into it as I believe it just feeds the negativity. I will say, it began with a feud of two “Yoga based” (if you will) brands that initially started as one. Things were said about one and it just fueled a fire. If you saw how much negativity has come from it, it is truly saddening. We could use our influence for so many more productive things.


  1. The things that I like most about yoga are the thoughtful questions and quotes that the instructor throws out each class. I love the positivity and introspection that it brings. I cna’t imagine yogis being catty or negative!

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