Body Awareness in Yoga and Age

This evening we had a first time student in the studio.  By first time, he was a bit older and stated it been about 35 years since his last yoga class.  He unrolled his matt, we set props next to him, discussed injuries and were ready to go.

Shortly after the warm-up, as we began to move into our flow, I saw something magical, that most people never master, especially at this level.  He backed off of a pose we were in, grabbed a block and began to test variations.  Several times throughout the class, without even a chance for options to be offered to him, he had already made the change.

Body awareness, especially while practicing yoga, is so important.  It aids us in safely achieving a posture and alignment without injury.  While most of us have some sort of awareness, he was so in-tuned.  After class I commended him on this.  He looked at me and said, “I know what I can and cannot do.  I know what hurts and how far I can go so, that’s what I do.”  So simple.  He listens to his body, and does what feels right.

We walked out together and I asked him if we would be seeing him next week.  With a big smile he said, “oh, you will definitely be seeing me!  I am older than your father but, I will be trying.”

This is amazing attitude, this unbelievable amount of body awareness, this spirit.

Listen to your body today.  Do what feels good and back off what does not.  No matter where you are, how you feel, what your age is, do not give up.

Namaste 🙂

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