First Time At A Yoga Studio

Whether it is your first yoga class ever or you are just trying out a new studio, it is always nice to have an idea of basic etiquette.  Here are some of my basic rules of thumb that will hopefully make you feel more comfortable your first time.

Look up the studio: May seem obvious but, for some it is not.  They hear good things, or get a last-minute invite and this may not pop in their mind.  It is good to look into the studio to have some basic ideas of their flows, class descriptions, if they prefer you to arrive 30 minutes prior to class, etc.  It also allows for you to see where it is located and if you need to allow extra time to find parking.

Be EARLY: Okay, we all had that teacher in grade school that told us, “if you are early, you are on time.”  Being early to a yoga class is very important.  It gives you time to set up, get settled, go to the bathroom after your drive, and ask any questions if you need to.  Also, a class starting at 7AM means, it will be starting at 7AM not, 7:08AM because you are unrolling your matt still.

Be aware/pay attention: I once showed up to a studio and did not realize there was a sign on the door asking me to leave my shoes outside.  I was used to taking them off, just not outside the studio.  I was very embarrassed and felt like I was being disrespectful.  Many studios will have little helpful signs like this that I recommend being aware of.  This brings me to my next…

Be mindful in the studio: once you have checked in, got rid of your shoes, you enter the studio to get set up.  Be mindful of other yogis around you, ensure you are not being too loud or setting up in a way that may affect others.  Generally the studio is a nice, quiet place where we ready for our practice.  Coming in chatting loudly with a friend, or (please never) on the phone is impolite.

Go off the other yogis there: You can tell the way the studio generally sets up via the other yogis who probably come often.  You can also tell what you will need.  If every student has blocks and a strap, you should grab them too.  Better to not use them, than needing to get up and grab them during the practice.

Relax: This is still your practice.  Everyone is here to practice yoga.  Soak up their amazing energy and this awesome moment you will never get to experience again!

What is your favorite thing about trying a new studio? Have any questions please share!

Namaste 🙂

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2 thoughts on “First Time At A Yoga Studio

  1. This is so helpful. I have a good friend who just got her instructor certification. I am still kind of newbie. I need all the tips I can get. I don’t want to offend her or the other yogis.

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