Yoga Teacher, Not a Doctor

I say this very plainly.  A yoga teacher is not a doctor.  Perhaps your teacher has their doctorate, I do not know however, this is more an idea.  I am giving you this idea to hold in the back of your mind.

As a yoga teacher, because I cannot speak for everyone, I have this passion.  I want to share with the world.  One of the things I want to share is how yoga saved me from my pain.  How it helped my body heal physically.  I have had many injuries, some old and very traumatic on the body with which I never had taken care of.  Some new and not quite as bad but, considering the older injuries, worse than normal.  Day-to-day I was in pain and it effected a lot.  Yoga had an amazing effect and I can honestly say I am no longer walking around this way.

That being said, I quite often have students, or hear students ask other teachers, what to do for injuries.  We want to help. We have so much to offer.  That being said, we are not doctors.  It would make me so sad to lose a student because something I suggested they add to their practice caused more harm.  Without being your doctor, I do not know 100% your injury, I have not seen the test results, or what has been tried.  As much as I would love to make suggestions please note, I am not doctor.  These suggestions are just that, suggestions.

At the end of the day, yay suggestions!  But also, listen to your body.  If it does not feel good, do not keep doing it.  Still consult with your physician if you feel you are getting worse or need to.  Of course, never stop chatting with your yoga teacher though, we have so much to share and we love learning more about you.

Namaste 🙂

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