Savor the Moment

Cool breeze rustling leaves, the waves gently lapping, the occasional giggle or bark faintly in the background, this was the amazing ambiance of the yoga class I taught last night.  Prior to beginning my classes, I like to encourage my students to choose an intention for their practice.  If they would like, I have intention cards they can choose from.  I always pick a card as well, and keep it at the edge of my mat as a reminder throughout the class.

img_1329The card the universe sent my way last night was, for today I savor each moment.

I did just that.  I savored and soaked up every blissful moment, from instructing, to watching the class move, adjust, and relax.  I savored the amazing evening sent to us by Mother Nature and her beautiful soundtrack.  After class was over I just looked around, this was blissful.  I looked at my students and stated to them how perfect of a night this was.  We all seemed to agree.

This simple intention is something I tend to forget while teaching and throughout life.  I love teaching yoga and the moments are something to be savored.  Seeing a student as a pose or cue clicks in the mind, perhaps they get deeper or hold a pose longer and that smile of happiness finally meets their face.  Watching as you take a student from the past, craziness of their day, pull them back from worrying about the unpredictable future, and taking them to the present moment, seeing the woes melt away, that is something to be savored.

For today, I encourage you all to savor each moment.  No matter how important what you are doing today is, savor it.  You will never have this moment back.

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