Slow Down Yogis

Slow down.  Stop rushing.  Breathe, enjoy this moment.  I feel as though we can apply this to so many aspects of our lives.  It is important to remember to slow down.

Imagine you are very excited for tomorrow.  There is something happening, perhaps a vacation that you cannot wait for.  You keep wishing for this day to be over with already!  Lunch with your colleagues, “ok how much longer”.  Finish up you work day, rush your client off the phone you “have to go”!  Eating dinner with your spouse, “cannot wait for tomorrow, it is almost here”!  Then, in a blink of an eye, your whole world changes and you no longer have tomorrow.

AHHH morbid, why?!  Sorry!  But really, what if you are rushing through, not taking the time to enjoy each moment and then you have no more?!

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Often times when I teach, I have students that rush through.  They will begin the pose they believe is next instead of enjoying the current pose.  In your practice please breathe, find alignment, check in and soak up the moment.  I see people wish for class only to push it along.

This is something we also see in life.  For today I encourage you all to slow down.  Enjoy the moment, you will never get it back.  During your next practice in a class, slow down.  Do not anticipate the next pose but breathe, enjoy that moment, sink deeper.

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