Search for Gratitude, Discover Happiness

Throughout my life, the amount of bad seemed to outweigh the good. I found myself angry with the world, angry with myself, and in a constant state of unhappiness. To me, there was no good in the world, everything was bad and caused pain. Throughout my journey something has changed, I was tired of all the negativity in my life. I began to change my lifestyle and something amazing began to occur. I looked around, yes, there was bad but, I also had so many things that were good.

Looking back at where I used to be, I am grateful to where I have landed and where I am currently going. I have so many positive aspects in my life that I never had before. In life there are factors that some people will never get to experience that are amazing. Realizing all of this, I am no longer angry. I am grateful and as I began to realize all that I am grateful for, I have found my happiness.

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Life is tough for everyone. It would be crazy for me or anyone else to think that this life is more difficult than it is for everyone else. Furthermore, for anyone to use this as an excuse to be angry and ungrateful is crazy. If we cannot find gratitude in our lives, we will never find happiness in our lives either. There is always something to be grateful for no matter how small it may seem.

Waking up, sunshine peaking through your windows, birdsong in the background, you stretch in your cozy bed. How can you not find gratitude in this moment? How amazing is it to wake up each day? To be able to see, to be able to hear and to be able to move is amazing. Major gratitude for senses that some people have never known. Have gratitude that you have the opportunity to choose to read this article.  Have gratitude that you are able to read, a luxury that some never learn.

As you begin to ponder what you are grateful for in this moment, think about how it makes you feel. Gratitude brings happiness effortlessly. Taking just a couple of minutes each day to think about what you are grateful for will set the positive tone. When you wake up, write down just three things you are grateful for right in that moment. See if you do not have a positive shift in your life.

While there will always be bad in the world, things will happen that we cannot control, people will cause us pain, there is also so much good. Do not allow the bad to outweigh the good, do not allow the bad to dictate your life into a path of negativity. You can control what you focus on and you control your happiness. Find your gratitude each day and happiness will come to your life.

7 thoughts on “Search for Gratitude, Discover Happiness

  1. I LOVE every single word of this post and found myself nodding and smiling throughout! Gratitude for even the smallest of things really does unlock our happiness and is such a simple practice we can all do! Thanks for sharing! 💛

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