Benefits of Dancer Pose – Natarajasana

Throughout your practice you will continue to move through new poses and variations, deepening the movement as you go.  Each one offers its own amazing benefits to those practicing it.  Today let’s touch on the benefits of practicing Natarajasana or Dancer Pose.

  • Opening of the shoulders, chest and hips
  • Deep opening in the chest, a great heart opener
  • Stretches and strengthens thighs and abdomen
  • Allows for great spinal flexibility
  • Increases balance
  • Strengthens and builds full body strength and flexibility

This pose can be built into first, with variations as your body opens. Starting with a variation and finding proper alignment and balance in the pose is key.

When first trying the pose, it can be beneficial to be near a wall to use for support. This will allow you to find balance are you comfortable in the pose.


Remember to always take a moment and check in with your body. Breath, pranayama, is so important for our practice as well as, for holding a pose. If you are holding your breath it is much more difficult to hold the pose. If you feel you can go further, then try deepening your backbend, kicking your foot further into your hand. You can also begin to sweep your free hand up high as you become more secure.

Also, remember to keep your foot flexed. To get into this backbend is by kicking the foot into the hand, opening the chest. Keeping the foot flexed will aid in this movement without cramping.

Have a pose you are curious about?  Let me know!  Also, we now have a Facebook community I will begin posting fun mini facts in too.  You can find it under Strong Lotus Yogi  🙂

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