I Paid To Work And It Was Amazing

Generally speaking we work to get paid. We, unfortunately, need income to survive in life. Last week I paid to work. What?

As some of you may remember, I was in Thailand for a couple of weeks. During that time, I gave my money to a gentleman so that I could come and assist in work. It sounds absolutely insane but, it was the greatest experience.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary has three locations in Thailand and all serve a wonderful purpose. They support happy, healthy, natural lives for the Asian elephants. Over the years, to make money, the Asian elephants have been brought into captivity, treated cruelly, and are not living healthy or happy lives.


Elephant rides have become popular all throughout however, they are not good or healthy for the elephant. The sanctuary actually explains why the riding is not healthy for elephants and the effect it can have on them. Elephants are chained up, not allowed to roam and play freely. It is truly very saddening. At this sanctuary, the elephants are not rode, they roam freely throughout their many camps, they play, they bathe, and they are so clearly happy. The started the sanctuary with three elephants, they now have eighty-two! They continue to rescue and grow.


So, I gave them my money and ran to help for a day. We fed them. Like we carried stalks and stalks of corn down the hill to feed the elephants. We got them sugar cane. We gave them mud baths to protect them from the sun. We made them natural “medicine balls” to keep them healthy. We played with them in the waterfalls for a cooling off in the middle of the day. We, of course, fed them some more. We also took time to learn about elephant care, how much they eat, how the sanctuary gets the food to feed them, affords to care for them and so much more.


At the end of the day, exhaustion was an understatement. I was hot, sweaty, dirty, bleeding and in a state of euphoria. The happiness of the elephants radiates. You cannot help but feel amazing. So, yes, I went on a trip and paid to work and I would not change this for the world. I hope that what I paid and my additional donations can help keep these camps running and rescuing more elephants!

I hope to bring more awareness and I encourage you all to take a look at this amazing cause. Even if you cannot physically go, you can still help.


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