Benefits of Side Plank – Vasisthasana

Plank pose in general has many variations, each offering its own benefits. Side plank has amazing benefits and is a great gateway to arm balancing poses. Some of the benefits of Vasisthasana:

  • Wrist and arm strengthener
  • Great core strengthener including the obliques
  • Strengthens and stretches our legs
  • Improves balance

To be totally honest, planks are the total body strengthener. When practiced properly, plank activates the muscles throughout the body, from legs to shoulders, even our neck, keeping our head inline with the spine.

To practice side plank, let’s say on our left side, first ensure your weight is on the outside of the left foot and in the left hand. Your right arm resting on your side or hand on your hip. Pressing the left hand into the floor, firming the arm muscles and ensure your hand is slightly in front of the shoulder. Continue to press your heels towards the floor as you engage your thigh muscles. Not sagging into the left hip but, lifting. Find length from your crown to your toes.

If you are feeling strong and balanced here you can try reaching your right arm up or overhead. Start to play, lifting your right leg or bending it up. Remember to have fun in your practice, This Is Yoga, It Is NOT That Serious.


If you have questions about the pose or variations, please comment below. If you have tried the pose or a variation you found blissful, let me know! Any poses you would like to discuss, I would love to hear 🙂


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