Are we Happy Now?

Just in the past couple of days happiness, or lack there of, has become extremely prevalent. With two extremely iconic people, in two different realms of fame and fortune, recently committing suicide mental health and overall happiness is crossing the minds of millions. Oddly enough, it is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States.

Now, suicide rates are unfortunately high. Depression, anxiety, mood disorders, all factors in mental health and suicide. With recent events though, I feel there is something more to look at.

Money doesn’t buy happiness. A quote we have all heard since the dawn of our time. Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade were two iconic, amazing, influential people. They were also wealthy and famous. And yet, deep inside they were not happy and no longer saw a reason to live. They could no longer fight the dark demons within.

Sometimes, as we work and work then, pay our bills, buy our food, clothes, and whatever else we need to live, we get this mindset that, if we could just make more money we will be happy. We convince ourselves that with money, all of our problems will be solved. This is simply not the case. And while everyone has said, money doesn’t buy happiness at some point or other, the recent events have made that unbelievably clear. Whether we are rich or poor, we are all effected by life.

Instead of looking at these celebrities with envy and thinking they have it all and we want it, let’s look at them as people. We are all people. We are all susceptible to depression, sadness, anxiety, postpartum, mood disorders, bad days and unhappiness. Instead of searching for our big break, our winning lottery ticket and millions of dollars, let’s search within ourselves.

Are we happy now? Everyone has issues. EVERYONE. But what you have is special. What you have people wish for every day. Would you complain in front of a homeless family about not being able to buy a larger home? How, if you could afford this larger home, you could finally be happy. Would you complain to an orphan about your family being overbearing? Would you complain about being unhappy about not being able to buy a steak while you eat your sandwich in front of a starving child?

Mental health is important. If you need help ask. There is always someone willing to listen no matter how alone you feel. But, never allow the demons inside of you make you think your are really alone. Never think that this does not affect rich or famous because they are above it. We are all people. Search within yourself, remind yourself that you are enough. You are lucky. You are worthy.

Sending you all good, happy vibes. Keep going.

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