Meditation is for the Soul

Good day amazing people! In the past we have discussed how Yogis Are Literally The Most Positive People and why. I truly believe a huge part of it is mediation.

Meditation is definitely something that pushes us against our minds. It is a mental battle that takes a great deal of practice and the benefits are insane!! It seems that more often than not, people tend to give up on meditation quite quickly due to the mind not shutting the hell up. That being said, I feel as though as great way to begin your meditation practice is to utilize the aid of others.

Wait, what?? How can we use others for our own meditation practice? Guided mediation. Allow someone else to assist in taking you there, a guide.

I have here a quick, 10 minute guided mediation that no matter how loud your mind is, I believe it is the stepping stone you are looking for. Meditation can assist with depression and anxiety and below is a quick way to start your journey.

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If there is something you would like to see, please let me know! May this bring peace into your day, wherever you are.

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