Cat/Cow Yoga Pose – Warm-up That Spine!

Hey amazing people! Cat/Cow pose, sometimes referred to as Angry cat/Purring cat (which confuses the hell out of me), is such an amazing and overlooked asana(s).

Cat/Cow helps with spinal movement, warming up the spine, improves back muscles and helps to massage our internal organs. It is such a beautiful, fundamental pose, especially for beginning of practice. If you have a practice you plan on incorporate a lot of back bends in, practicing cat/cow is your friend!

Often times, we are not properly moving through this asana. Getting the alignment and movement in a pose(s) is important, injury is not good for our practice (trust me, I have been there)! Many times you will see the core being engaged to move the body through these poses. In fact, you want to the let the pelvis be what guides the movement, rippling up through to the crown.

Looking to break it down? See the video below and move through cat/cow with me! 🙂 Subscribe to the channel if get alerts on new videos and let me know if there is something you would like to see!

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