Gratitude for Nature – Camping and Scuba Diving Adventure

Hello to all you amazing humans out there! Major gratitude today (and always) for nature. We truly do not pay nature the respects she (or he) deserves.

Camping, to me, is the best way to unplug, get away, ground myself and find major gratitude for this amazing planet. This past weekend I went on a short camping trip with of course some scuba diving involved (if you did not see in my previous post, I recently became a certified scuba diver).

Waking up, sun peaking through the trees, birds singing, squirrels climbing out of their holes, the gentle breeze on my face, that is true bliss. It is beautiful and precious and so easily overlooked.

So often we look around at the material items that we would like, others may have and we are envious, and we feel sad, inadequate or jealous. Removing ourselves from the material world, going out into nature, realizing the amazing world we all have around us. What nature gives us at no charge.

If you would like a brief look into my weekend adventure, you may checkout the video below. It is brief as I do prefer to unplug completely and recharge my mind 🙂

Please take some time today to unplug, sit back in nature and find gratitude.

Namaste 🙂

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