A Little Secret About Your Yoga Practice

Are you ready? I have a secret to tell you about your yoga practice and what is so amazing about it.

It. Is. Your. Yoga. Practice.

You probably already know that however, are you truly aware of what that means? It is your yoga practice. You are free to do whatever you want. You may practice wherever you want. You choose what you get out of it.

That is amazing!

So often we allow others to influence our practice and sometimes that is a positive thing and sometimes it is not. We may do what we think we are “supposed to” because that is what we have seen or been told. We may limit our exploration. We may even think we need to look a certain way or practice only in a studio.

Thinking about it, it seems silly but, have you ever noticed yourself subconsciously do this?

“Oh no, to get to this pose I must go from this one, not that.”

“I cannot wear this to yoga, it’s not a ‘yoga outfit’. ”

Sound familiar? What if the next time you catch yourself thinking this way you stop. Take a moment to say to yourself, this is my yoga practice. Then do whatever feels right for you. See if a smile does not come to play on your lips.

May you have an amazing day doing whatever feels right to you!

Also, in honor of Autumn and its comfy, cozy weather, please enjoy this lazy day, comfy yoga flow ๐Ÿ™‚

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