Raise Your Vibration, Radiate Positivity Despite the Hate

This past weekend was AMAZING but, it was also, terrible. On Friday, November 2nd, there was a shooting at a hot yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida. Unfortunately, two people did not make it, four were injured and the shooter killed himself after so, we will never truly no why.

When instances like these occur though, I truly believe it is from hate with the goal to discourage the people targeted. So, as you scratch your head wondering what I found amazing about such a somber weekend allow me to explain. On Saturday, November 3rd in Tampa, Florida, just south of Tallahasse, was the Wanderlust 108 festival.

After a shooting occurs it can be scary. Whether is happens at schools, marathons, places of worship, yoga studios, etc., it can be scary to go back to those places and continue on. Yet, HUNDREDS of yogis showed up on Saturday. Hundreds of yogis came together to raise the vibration, emit positivity despite the hate, and prove that hate will not win.

If we all come together and work to change the vibration, we can snub out the bad. While there will always be bad, we must work towards the good and continue to work to change as much of this world as we can. Kill them with kindness is a saying I am sure many have heard. Have you really thought about what it means though? Someone who does or says something to impact others negatively does so for the negativity. Responding in a kind, positive way is taking away their power.

We choose how things affect us. No one can make you feel bad. Someone says they hate your shirt you say well I really like yours and keep moving. I refuse to give someone the power to keep me from practicing yoga or to keep me from teaching. I always lock my studio door and I will not be deterred.

Here are some of the fun and joyful images from Wanderlust. Yogis and people unite. Practice, do what you love, change the vibration around you! It’s cool to be kind.

Namaste. Peace. Love.

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