Remember You ~ The Battle With Yourself

We are such funny creatures. We are so hard on ourselves about even the silliest of things. We punish ourselves because we deem that we deserve it. Yesterday Coco, my dog, and Panther, my cat, were wrestling through the living room, just your typical Sunday. At one point Panther got a bit too rough and Coco cried out in pain, running over to me. Panther skulked away and she curled up in my lap. Then, 10 minutes later, something magical occurred. Panther came around the corner, made eye contact with Coco, got down low then ran away and she went chasing after him! They went back to wrestling just like that.

We make mistakes too. We hurt each other not intentionally but, we do. Yet, we will continue to mull over what we did, talk negatively to ourselves and continue to make ourselves feel worse and exacerbate the issue. Why is it so easy for animals to forgive themselves yet, not for humans. We will forgive others before we forgive ourselves but, why?

Lately, my anxiety has been extremely high. I have been struggling in the day-to-day and began to punish myself over it. Then as I left work one day, I headed to the yoga studio where I was teaching in an hour, in the car going over and over everything wrong and what I should have done differently. I arrived at the studio, got on my mat with my journal and felt ashamed. This is not me, and now I have brought it to the studio where I so often talk to my students about letting things go that do not serve you yet, here I am doing the opposite.

I put down my pen, set up my camera and practiced a short flow. I just went for it, no premeditation just raw, what ever my body and mind was craving in that moment. I felt it. I let it go. I laid on my mat in Svasana reflecting how much more difficult I made it all. Now as everything melted away, I was in bliss, here in the moment.

For today, remember you. No matter how difficult it seems, take time to do something good for your body and your mind. Oh, we do not have time, we do not deserve it, that is the mind not willing to let go. You do deserve it. Do something that serves you. Cool the battle within yourself.

Below is the flow from the other day, I have dubbed over teaching so you may practice it if you would like. May you only hold on to what serves you today. I would love to hear what you do for you. How do you best quiet your mind and remember you?



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