Sitting is the new Smoking.

Sitting is the new smoking. Maybe you have heard this, maybe you have not. It is crazy if you think about it. That they have found sitting for long periods of time to be linked to just as many health issues as those who smoke.

With going to school or working in an office this information can be quite troublesome. If you are in school, you must attend class to do well and graduate. If you are working, you cannot very well tell your boss you need to go for a run every hour and sometimes even getting up can be quite difficult when you are busy.

I myself work in an office setting, though, I have invested in a standing desk which has helped tremendously but, I was looking for something more. I can still feel the tightness after working all day whether I sit or stand, I am just not getting enough mobility. This then brought me to think about those with limited mobility or in a wheelchair. There has to be more options.

As many of you know, I also teach yoga. I decided to put together a sequence that allowed me to take 10 minutes from my work day to add some movement throughout my body as a whole. Not only did it allow for movement but, it also left me with more energy to finish the day. Of course, I also felt more at ease which can be rare in my line of work.

There are always options and our health, both mentally and physically, are the most important. I encourage you today to take a moment and tune in to yourself. What is your body craving and what can you do to assist it?

Below is my brief sequence if you would like to practice with me today. Listen to your body and do what feels good, even if only for a few minutes.

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