Yoga Holiday Hustle

The other day we discussed the craziness of holidays and taking time to stop and find gratitude in Holiday Hustle Gratitude. Today, since I’m a practicing yogi, forever student and teacher, I wanted to dive deeper into what helps me during the chaos.

Yoga has tremendous benefits. I go on and on about it all the time. Let me be clear about something though, it is when I need it the most that I have the hardest time making it onto my mat.

I know I make it seem so easy but trust me when I say, I too struggle sometimes to get in my mat when the world is crazy and I have so much to do! It is normal if you do not always feel motivated. Making it onto your mat in itself is a huge accomplishment, take a moment to find gratitude in yourself for just that.

Over the next week I am trying to put together a video for Hectic Holiday Yoga. I hope to share it with you all and help remind you to take a moment for yourself. Find gratitude in yourself.

Make time for you in the times of chaos. You are important no matter how difficult or strapped for time you may be.

Namaste friends ❤️

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