What We Do Not See

I had a student tell me they had to come to yoga class but almost didn’t. We have all been there, I understand. She looked overwhelmed and it is that time of year where life seems to weigh a bit more heavily on us.

As I teach I tend to demo and come around to adjust or assist. I came to see her body working through its stress. With each breath, with each pose, it was like her body was finally reminded of what it no longer needed to hold onto so tightly.

At the end of class after savasana she said to me, “thank you, my neck feels so much better. I really needed that.” After talking for a bit I noticed she did not see just how much of a toll her stress and emotions were taking on her. How physically her shoulders had risen so high around her neck with angst.

Take a step back today and examine you. What are you holding on to that is not serving you. Can you see how it is effecting you? What can you do to let it go?

We do not always see until we start to feel.

Sending you all good vibes! Let’s see what we can let go before moving into 2019!

I would love to hear your thoughts 💜

4 thoughts on “What We Do Not See

  1. I recently had a conversation with one the teachers at my yoga studio. We talked about this importance of release and its ability to heal. It’s a great reminder for everyone to always invest in peace, no matter the chaos.

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