The Physical Balance – Yoga Problem

Frustration. It emanates sometimes and becomes palpable throughout the room. In yoga balancing postures can sometimes bring this out in even the most present yogi.

Questioning and self doubt may arise in your practice when you are having trouble mastering a pose such as, a balancing pose. Something I like to remind my students is that, not being able to find balance in your balancing pose may not be due to your physical balance.

Sounds strange, no? Sometimes the struggle within ourselves can be what is holding back from finding that balance. If we are not balanced within how can expect to be balanced outwardly.

Next time you are struggling to find balance take a moment to look within. Is there something you are holding on to that is not serving you but instead, causing turmoil or pain? With your next exhale, can you let it go?

Yoga is so much more than the physical, even in the asana practice.

May you have a blissful and balanced day! Namaste 💜

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