I Shall Stay in Bed Today

We have touched on depression, anxiety and mood disorders in the past. How meditation and yoga have helped me so much and how to inspire others to try and see how it benefits them. With that I want to share something.

Sometimes it is ok to give in and just let yourself feel. To be sad and not even why you are sad. To with that, not want to go outside and to not want to see anyone. While I still say push and push so you do not get stuck in that never ending circle, sometimes it is ok to give in and re-charge.

I will sit with Coco in my bed. I will watch movies. I will eventually get on my mat. Even if only for a few moments. I will find gratitude in being able to do this.

So for today, I stay in bed. I will push myself out into the world tomorrow. But today, I let myself feel and re-charge.

One thought on “I Shall Stay in Bed Today

  1. In some Spiritual and Self Help communities we are taught that we should learn something new every day or each day should be productive. But sometimes we just need to let go and relax, no goals, no ambitions just chill.

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