Yogi, Who am I?

I have been gone for months now. I have been frustrated and feeling fake.

The beginning of the year I suffered an injury resulting in me becoming dependent on those around me. I could not practice yoga nor teach it. I needed assistance for everything.

I began to question everything that made me, me. Yoga goes beyond the mat, it is not just the physical practice. With that, I was not “thinking like a yogi”.

Have you ever began to question your existence and what you meant for the world and in general?

So I began a quest, doing whatever I could to get back to me. Remembering why I started practicing yoga and why I wanted to start this journey for others.

I am here to say, yoga has once again taken me from that awful place. As I sat in meditation I realized what it was. I started to flip my outlook, started to move however little I could, started to send my positive vibes to those who needed it, got back to sitting out in nature and feeling the world move around me.

Are you feeling off and questioning? When was the last time you sat outside, closed your eyes and felt the world move around you? Listen to the wind or felt the sun?

I am a practicing yoga student and teacher and I am a small piece of this large and beautiful world. Remember – small pieces are what make up the amazing, large wonders of the world.

Namaste friends

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