“Get Back” to Practice Yoga?

Thank you to every one for the kind words and encouragement either via email or on here! Yes, I’m healing nicely and my cast is off. With the real talk about “getting back into yoga”. Have you ever lost your practice? Maybe you have been wanting to start for some time? But when? How?

The how:

I rolled out my mat! Hah yes, there is more than that but trust me when I say, that is the hardest, most pivotal point! Unroll your mat! No matter how long it has been since you practiced or maybe you have never practiced, you must first unroll your mat. Get on it and just feel. Sit for a moment, listen to what your body is asking, what your mind is saying.

The when:

When I needed it most. We are all different, circumstances are different but there is always a reason your practice has taken a backseat. So when do I finally take the plunge to get back to my practice? If you have to ask, the answer is now! If you are thinking about practicing yoga, listen to yourself. Whether you get on your mat and practice for an hour or 5 minutes your body and mind will thank you. It will also unlock your practice! Get you back there even with just 5 minutes.

Unroll your mat, the time is now. Allow yourself to feel and move however your body craves in that moment.

Mentally. Physically. Spiritually.



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