Yes, COVID-19 has many out of their comfort zone and in their home bubble. Maybe you are lucky enough to work from home or maybe you are unable to work.

These are stressful and unknown times. They can cause quite a bit of stress, both mentally and physically. Even more so if you are finding it harder to get up and move throughout the day.

Are you sitting on the couch more or working from your bed? Spending more time down than up? With the gyms and studios closed do you find your motivation is lacking?

All completely normal for something throwing such a wrench in the normal day to day. So, what can we do?

Get. Up.

Set an hourly alarm during your day. Every hour do at least 5 minutes of stretching, walk at least 100 steps around your home. Just these little bit of heart pumping, posture improving movements will not only assist you physically but mentally as well!

Try it, tell me, do you feel a mood boost? Perhaps productivity boost?

Set an alarm and start moving!

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