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5 Upper Body Exercises to Tighten & Tone

Happy Friday friends!! Hoping everyone had an amazing week. I just finished with my morning clients, we focused a lot on upper body today and spoke about how it can help so much with posture. We need a strong upper body to help us stand up right, lift properly, and so much more! Here is … Continue reading 5 Upper Body Exercises to Tighten & Tone

How To Set and Achieve Fitness Goals

Happy Saturday! Goal setting, in any capacity, can be a bit intimidating and often times feel unachievable. Today I have put together a brief explanation into SMART Goal setting. Specifically geared towards the health and fitness end of things, you can use this explanation for any goal setting. It is import to keep in mind … Continue reading How To Set and Achieve Fitness Goals

Where Have I Been?!

I realize after my last post, I owe a bit of an explanation. I apologize on the quietness on my end. Rest assured, I have been working tirelessly on myself and what I have to offer for all of you! Please see the video below for full explanation. I hope it sparks some hope and … Continue reading Where Have I Been?!